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Hear What The Spirit Is Saying

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A Word In Season

True Compassion 

May  2020 

The love of God has a great effect on the minister’s heart because it’s impossible to reach and touch people without true compassion.   

The scriptures tell us to be quick to show the love of God towards people and be quick to forgive. I remember when a certain girl came to my house and stole my car keys. To add insult to injury, she lied about the whole thing. I was so angry that I was literally ready to fight. I had images of what I was going to do to her when I saw her. I felt like that was wrong on every level and it was my responsibility to show her a thing or two.  

     Hours had passed before I decided that I would just pray. As I prayed and repented before the Lord, the compassion of God came upon me. I didn’t care about the keys anymore. To make a long story short, I got my keys back from the girl.  

I lead her to the Lord and she received the baptism in the Holy Ghost. HALLELUJAH!!! All glory to God. Lamentations 3:22-23 NIV “Because of the lord’s great love we are not consumed. for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning, great is your faithfulness” 

Krystle Shivers 

Offer Your Bodies As Living Sacrifices  (Step 1)

May 2020 

God has a specific plan for all of His people who are born of His Spirit. However, that plan is not automatic, nor is it forced upon us. We have to take specific steps to walk in that plan of God for our lives.  

 Even though we are the body of Christ, we have to offer our bodies to Him. That means that we are no longer the primary caretakers of our bodies. Imagine having limbs that were not submitted to you. For people who are paralyzed this is easily understood. If a paralyzed man wanted to get up and walk, his legs will not cooperate with him. Though they are his legs, they pretty much do their own thing. As the body of Christ, we have to be submitted to the will of God. If God wants your physical being in another part of the world, you just yield and obey. The bible often speaks of the lust of the flesh. The lust of the flesh is not speaking primarily about sex. It is talking about basic human instinct.

The lust of the flesh is “ survival instinct.” Obeying God takes you out of the place of self-preservation and puts you under His care. It is human instinct to dread this place. We want to make sure that we are ok and to look out for ourselves. That’s why Jesus said to take no thought for your life Matthew 6:25. So yield your body to God and don’t be a paralyzed limb.  

Next Month we will talk about step 2!  

Terrance Shivers