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Hear What The Spirit Is Saying

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A Word In Season

Being The Same Like The Word

December  2021

The Scriptures will cause you to be the same under all circumstances. You become as consistent as the scriptures. 

                                                                 -Krystle Shivers 

God Has Revealed His Will To Us Through His Word

December 2021

   Some believers feel that when it comes to the serious (and sometimes life and death) situations that we face in life that God ought to talk directly to us. He ought to confirm to me the outcome and comfort me with a heavenly visit or something. Many believers (and unbelievers) would do anything to hear from God. To hear directly from heaven would be the solution to every problem they face and plainly, a dream come true. But the truth is we have heard from heaven. God has revealed his will to us through his word (The written Word).

                                                     -Terrance Shivers