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A Ministry Established On The Word Of God

Terrance Shivers and Krystle Shivers are graduates from Rhema Bible College, and Members of Rhema Alumni Association.  Terrance is an ordained member of Rhema Ministerial Association International (RMAI). 

Terrance Shivers has been preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ for over 25 years. He received the call of God to preach at the age of 17 and began to teach the word of God under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. After learning to live and walk by Faith in the word of God, his life became filled with powerful testimonies of what the word of God can do once received by faith. He is a teacher of the word and committed to the written word of God. 

Later,Terrance met his life-long sweetheart Krystle, they got married, and started a beautiful family. Krystle teaches the word of God with an emphasis on love and prayer. Underneath her quiet and humble demeanor is a powerhouse of Faith, prayer and a deliverance ministry. After serving as Associate Pastors, they then founded "Terrance Shivers Ministries” and began to proclaim the word of faith in churches, on television, and special meetings conducted by Terrance Shivers Ministries.

Have Faith In God


Did you know that you can sow a special lobe offering seed to the Shivers Family as a token of appreciation for all that they do? Ask God about a special amount to sow directly into the lives of Terrance and Krystle Shivers.